Cheap Google Pixel 4 deal: Get 50% off at Vodafone Australia

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Love to take photos with your phone? Now’s your chance to pick up our #2 recommendation in Australia for a song. Despite the fact it was released less than six months ago, Vodafone is currently offering the Google Pixel 4 on a plan at 50% off the RRP – that’s a huge saving of AU$524.50 in total.

This discount is exclusive to the Clearly White 64GB capacity version of the device, and available over any length of payment contract – 12-, 24- or 36-months. Over a 24-month period, that makes the monthly handset payment just AU$21.83; over 36 months, the monthly cost is a tiny AU$14.55, while paying over 12 months will see the cost jump to AU$43.88 per month.

You can choose from four different Vodafone plans when purchasing the Pixel 4 with the AU$50 Red Plus plan probably offering the best overall value for money – that comes with 60GB worth of data per month, and unlimited talk and text.

If you decide to go with the AU$50 Red Plus plan on a 24-month contract, you’ll be paying just AU$71.83 each month in total, or if you choose to pay it off over 36 months, that’ll be a repayment of AU$64.55 per month.

With the Pixel 4, Google has turned all its focus to the camera. There’s two lenses on the rear – a 12MP main camera and a 16MP telephoto lens for portrait shots, better zoom and stunning low-light shots. On the front you’ll find an 8MP lens for selfie snaps.

New to the Pixel 4 is tech which allows you to adjust exposure in your images in real-time, before you’ve even taken the shot, while the impressive Night Sight mode lets you take bright, clear snaps in low-light without flash.

For the stargazers, there’s a dedicated astrophotography mode for shooting the stars, though Google says you’ll need to get away from city lights and prop your phone on a steady surface or in a tripod.

Google Pixel 4 (64GB) | 60GB of data | 24 months | AU$71.83 per month

Google Pixel 4 (64GB) | 60GB of data | 24 months | AU$71.83 per month

For those who love their phone photography, one of the best smartphone snappers is now a huge 50% off at Vodafone. That’s a AU$524.50 total saving on Google’s flagship Pixel 4, down from the usual price of AU$1,049. With this plan, you’ll get 60GB of data each month and unlimited standard national calls and text. If you happen to exceed your monthly data allowance, you won’t be hit with additional fees, just a slowed speed of up to 1.5Mbps. Total cost over 24 months is AU$1,723.92.

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