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Unlocking a Hyundai with your Android Wear smartwatch is coming

Hyundai Blue Link smartwatch Android Wear
Blue Link is getting a matching Android Wear app

The pool of people who have both a Hyundai car and an Android Wear is probably relatively small, but those individuals will soon get a treat: the ability to start their cars on their watches.

There are smartphone apps that let users start their cars, but this appears to be the first wearable application that does the same.

The "Blue Link" Android Wear app will let users locate, unlock and start their cars from their wrists, Hyundai revealed in an announcement today. The app should theoretically work with any of the company's Blue Link-connected cars.

But with Android Auto picking up steam, Hyundai will likely soon not be alone in offering functionality like this.

Like everything else that's even remotely exciting this week, it will debut at CES 2015, so keep an eye out once TechRadar is at the show.

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Via Engadget