Buy an iPhone or iPad this Black Friday and get a free gift card

Apple teased its involvement in Black Friday earlier this week and the deals are finally here.

You will get a gift card alongside your new iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac purchase but it's sadly not for the latest generation of products.

If you buy an iPhone SE, iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus you’ll get a free £40 gift card alongside your purchase. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are not included in the deal.

Buy an iPad Pro and you’ll get an £80 gift card to spend at Apple while an iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 4 will get you a £40 voucher.

Do shop around

Apple Watch Series 1 models are also included in the deal and will get you £20 to spend in the Apple store.

You’ll also be able to get £120 gift cards on some MacBook and iMac models. The latest MacBook (with its fancy Touch Bar) isn't included in the deal though. You have to buy an older model to get the free gift card.

The Apple TV is included though, and gives you a £20 voucher.

Before buying it directly from Apple, we’d recommend looking around for whatever you want to buy too.

For example, the iPad mini 2 is still £239 on Apple’s store but today you can buy it for £189 at John Lewis. That’s a far better deal, so keep your eye out and don’t think a free gift card is the best deal you can get.

James Peckham

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