Apple Watch 6 and SE just got more affordable

Apple Watch 6 review
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The Apple Watch 6 is an expensive wearable, and while the Apple Watch SE is a more affordable option, it’s still not cheap. But Apple has now started selling refurbished versions of both models at a significant discount.

It’s worth noting that at the time of writing only the US Apple Store site has both models available refurbished, but you can get a refurbished Apple Watch SE in Australia. Currently neither are listed in the UK, but it will probably only be a matter of time until they’re available refurbished there too.

In any case, there are a range of different refurbished options available, but in the US you can currently get a refurbished Apple Watch SE from $259, which is $50 less than a new one. For pricier models, savings go up to $100.

Limited availability

On the Australian Apple Store site, the cheapest option currently comes in at AU$399, which is an AU$80 saving over the same model full price.

In both countries that cheapest option is a 44mm model though. A 40mm one with the same strap would be even cheaper, but isn’t currently available refurbished. That’s one problem with buying refurbished – the available stock will regularly change, so you might not always find what you want.

As for the Apple Watch 6, the US Apple Store site lists that from $339, which is $60 less than the same model would be new, and savings for pricier models again go up to $100.

While neither the Apple Watch 6 or SE are available refurbished in the UK yet, you can probably expect a similar sort of discount there if and when they arrive. A refurbished Apple Watch 5, for example, can be grabbed for upwards of £60 less than it costs new.

If you do buy a refurbished Apple Watch from Apple, it will have been thoroughly tested and cleaned, will come with a 1-year warranty, and will be repackaged in a new box with all the accessories and cables you need. There’s also free delivery and returns.


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