Apple could be about to launch the iPad (2019) and iPad Mini 5

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It looks like Apple could be about to launch a new iPad, maybe even as soon as today (March 18), as the Apple Store is down. That’s something that happens right before Apple launches new products, and indeed the page currently says that “updates are coming to the Apple Store.”

It doesn’t say what those updates would be, but the iPad (2019) is due, as the last two entries in Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad range landed in March of the previous two years.

Not only that, but we’ve previously heard rumors that both the iPad (2019) and iPad Mini 5 would land in early 2019, so there’s a chance the latter is coming too.

Plus, Mark Gurman – a writer for Bloomberg who has shared Apple information in the past – has tweeted a suggestion that both a new iPad and iMac announcement would be coming this week.

This could mean two Apple events in two weeks, as Apple is confirmed to be holding an event next Monday (March 25). That’s the only reason to doubt that one or more new iPad models are coming this week (and potentially today).

But the latter event is supposedly software focused, so if Apple wants to keep hardware out of that event and still launch a new iPad in March then today would seem optimal, in order to spread out the events and announcements as much as possible. 

Stay tuned, because we’ll be sure to cover anything Apple announces.

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