A mid-June launch seems even more likely for Battlegrounds Mobile India now

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Battlegrounds Mobile India is in its final stages, with the official launch date expected to be announced any time now. Now, another source has come forward with a release timeline for the third week of June.

The latest development comes from Abhijeet Andhare, better known as Ghatak — a competitive PUBG Mobile player for eSports team TSM, who has had a good track record with leaks around the topic. In a new tweet, he said that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be launch in the third week of June

This timeline falls in line with the previous reports that claimed Battlegrounds Mobile India will be available on June 18. Though, it is not the only launch date being mentioned, as other sources have hinted at slightly different dates, ranging from early June to end of the month. Taking all of that into account, we expect the game to launch in the month of June.

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Apart from coverage purposes, it seems like the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch has also been delayed to clear the last few legal hurdles. Recently, Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninong Ering wrote an open letter to the government asking for the game to be banned, stating that it is just a repackaged PUBG Mobile and continues to have ties with China.

For now, all we can do is wait for the official announcement and take everything else with a grain of salt.

What we do know is that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be very similar to PUBG Mobile, with the maps of Erangel, Miramar, Karakin and others — though they could have a different name. The weapons, locations, vehicles, outfits, graphics and in-game content also seems to be the same based on the information currently available. 

Having said that, there will be some modifications to better suit the local tastes of the market such as new outfits, voice commands, lesser violence and gore and events that are tied to India.


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