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Fujitsu Lifebook P770 review

Superb portability and performance with the latest low-voltage Intel processor

Fujitsu Lifebook P770
The Fujitsu Lifebook P770 makes a great business laptop but it's multimedia capabilities are a bit lacking


  • Good performance
  • Battery life
  • DVD drive
  • Nice screen


  • Integrated graphics
  • Small HDD

Fujitsu's Lifebook P770 places a strong emphasis on portability without compromising on performance, with the inclusion of a low-voltage Intel Core i7 processor.

The resultant battery life and strong communications make this a fantastic machine for commuters, although the price is quite high.

One of the latest Core i7 CPUs powers this laptop and, while Intel's top-of-the-line range usually focuses on raw power, this Core i7 model is a low-voltage specimen which enables the battery to run for far longer.

Most Core i7 laptops manage only average battery life, but the Fujitsu runs for an excellent 427 minutes.

Thin and light

This impressive battery life is backed up by a thin and light chassis for increased portability. Unfortunately, there is some flex, especially along the right-hand side and in the centre of the keyboard.

However, the typing action is smooth and the touchpad is highly usable, thanks to the two firm mouse buttons, while separate hotkeys above the keyboard control features such as wireless connectivity.

A full range of communication options has been included, with both 802.11n Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet in place. Bluetooth is also included for short-range connections.

Mobility is further enhanced by the inclusion of HSDPA mobile broadband, which can be accessed by slotting a SIM card into the enclosure behind the battery.

The low-voltage processor performs similarly to Intel's Core i3 chips, with less power than standard Core i7 processors, but enough to comfortably run resource hungry applications. Given the incredible battery life, this is a worthy trade-off.

Multimedia applications will still struggle, however, due to the integrated GPU, with gaming limited to the most basic titles.

A 12.1-inch screen is in place to allow for the small frame, and the 1280 x 800-pixel resolution results in sharp images. The TFT finish limits reflectivity, so the laptop can comfortably be used outdoors and in bright conditions, although colours aren't quite as vibrant as a result.

A decent range of features is included, such as a fingerprint reader for securing your data and HDMI and VGA ports for connecting to external displays.

More impressively, a DVD drive has been fitted into the small chassis. The 160GB hard drive provides adequate storage, although will quickly fill up if you install a lot of applications or carry a lot of media.

Business users and anyone seeking dependable performance from a highly portable machine should certainly consider the Lifebook P770, as there are very few flaws. The laptop does come at a rather steep price, however, so be sure to consider your needs first.

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