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Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver review

Gaming genius for your comfort

Our Verdict

A wireless wonder for Windows gaming


  • Works like a dream

    Makes gaming more flexible


  • Difficult to set up

I've been a steadfast denier of the virtues of wireless peripherals for, ooh, ages. However, it's got to the point where, at home, my gaming chair has speakers taped to the backrest and I have no less than eight wires (and yes, before you start, I counted them) trailing from my PC to my sweating gaming hands and head. Time for a change methinks, before the missus dumps me for being more machine than man now.

The MS Wireless Receiver works as a hub for all those lovely cross-compatible Xbox 360 peripherals on Windows. It works with up to four wireless pads, wireless headsets and even the new wireless MS steering wheel.

Setup wasn't without some headaches (visits to the website for drivers as the ones on the bundled disc didn't work...) which is kind of unforgivable for this product - I thought the whole point of Xbox kit on Windows was compatibilty and ease of use? However, once it's up and running it's flawless. Combined with an under-telly media centre PC you can game from the sofa and still maintain your PC gamer credentials.

There are other wireless peripherals out there but the key thing about the receiver is, it lets you use all the sexy Xbox kit through one hub, saving valuable USB ports.