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Sony Bravia KDL-26EX302 review

Second generation Bravia circuitry lies at the heart of this 26" LCD

Sony Bravia KDL-26EX302
Sony's Xross Media Bar makes it a simple affair finding the settings you need


  • Accurate colours
  • Decent black levels
  • Easy to use
  • Connectivity
  • Remote


  • Pictures not as sharp as some
  • Viewing angle

Compared to the style sensation that is the Samsung UE26C4000PW, the Bravia KDL-26EX302 26-inch LCD TV is conventionally styled and chunky.

The manufacturer does attempt to liven things up a little with a contrasting grey strip running along the bottom of the set, but the overall effect is passable rather than outstandingly pretty.

However, what this set has that every one of its rivals lacks is a fourth HDMI input that, on top of two Scarts and USB port make it easily one of the best connected TVs for the size.

The menus, meanwhile, are presented in the company's excellent, increasingly widespread Xross arrangement, making it instantly compatible with a host of other Sony hardware, while the remote, with its concave top and firm buttons, is one of the most ergonomically sound you'll find on a 26-inch set.


The pictures delivered by the KDL-26EX302's second-generation Bravia circuitry are among the most watchable for a screen of its size.

While they lack the kind of razor-sharp definition that can be found on the Philips 26PFL3404D, the pictures are immersive with a rich, accurate palette and more than good enough black levels.

They are also very clean, with barely any discernible digital artefacting from any source and solid motion handling.

Our only grumble is that there is a slight problem with the viewing angle, though. Colour saturation does change visibly with the slightest deviation up or down from dead level position.

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