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Finlux 26FLD760 review

A bargain LCD, but know that there are caveats

Build quality may not be all that, but the Finlux has other features up its sleeve

Our Verdict

This is a competent set for a reasonable price.


  • Cheap
  • Decent pictures


  • Awful remote
  • Dodgy build quality

A cheap set and it shows, but not nearly so glaringly as you might think.

The build quality might be a little ropey and the remote diabolical, but on paper (and bar the odd fancy image 'engine') there is little to choose between the Finlux and other, more prestigious brands, and the performance doesn't lag too far behind, either.

In fact, the Freeview pictures are the equal of, if not superior to, the Samsung LE26R87BDX's and this set's DVD and high-definition performances are also pretty watchable.

Purists might find the picture a little crude in some ways (movement can be pretty jerky and blacks lack presence), but generally speaking, this is a competent set for a reasonable price.