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YouTube Kids brings youngster-friendly videos to 13 more countries

YouTube on phone
Image credit: TechRadar

The YouTube Kids app is now available in 13 additional European countries, bringing the total number of territories supported up to 53.

The countries getting the app for all platforms are: Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine. Bosnia and Georgia are getting the app for Android and Android TV only.

The app is available to download through the App Store, Google Play Store or APK Mirror (find out how to download and install APKs).

Cool for kids?

YouTube Kids is intended to be a safe place that only contains videos suitable for young viewers. However, while the app filters out most inappropriate clips, some have been known to slip through the net.

There's no substitute for proper supervision, but parents can curate the videos their children are able to watch, restricting their access to specific channels, collections, and individual videos. It's also possible to disable search, set a timer, and see a record of which clips their little ones have watched.