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You can now give Alexa voice commands on your iPhone and iPad

The Alexa iOS app will finally support voice functionality, according to an announcement from Amazon this month. 

The software is being rolled out in the coming days to Apple devices, further expanding the Alexa ecosystem – which encompasses the Amazon Echo range of smart speakers, Fire TV streaming devices, and even a number of LG smart TVs.

Users will now be able to use voice commands for search queries, media streaming, and connecting to compatible smart home devices when using Amazon’s AI assistant.

One happy family

For consumers torn between loyalty for various technology giants, this news will no doubt bring a sense of relief, allowing a more complete experience when using Amazon’s AI assistant on their iPhone or iPad.

Apple are unsurprisingly hesitant to completely hand over the reigns, however. Siri will remain as the default assistant on Apple devices, meaning users will have to actively seek out the Alexa app to activate the AI competitor.

By comparison, Android phone users are already able to opt for Alexa as their preferred voice assistant.

Henry St Leger

As Home Cinema Editor, Henry lives and breathes televisions, which is bad for the lungs but great for his content addiction. He also reports on VR, video games, smart speakers, and home entertainment.