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Future tech: Epson's wireless battery charger

Epson's new wireless battery charger shortens charging times from 1-2 hours to just 10-15 minutes

Epson Japan has teamed up with electronics components firm Murata Manufacturing to develop a wireless battery charger that is said to take "substantially shorter" time to charge batteries.

Charging all our gadgets like mobile phones, portable music players, digital cameras and notebook computers takes considerable amounts of electric power.

Shorter charging times

In these environmentally friendly times though, the issue of charging has become a hot potato. Manufacturers are desperately trying to come up with ways of making the process more efficient and less energy-sapping, and of making one charge-up last longer.

Epson and Murata's slimline wireless battery charger promises to shorten a current charging time of one to two hours down to just 10 to 15 minutes, the firms said in a statement. The main benefit seems to be that multiple devices would be able to charge simultaneously using the same charging device.

Prototypes of the wireless battery charger will be showed off at the CEATEC Japan expo, which runs from Tuesday 2 October to Saturday 6 October. It is likely to go into production within three years.