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Sky unhappy with 5 week Canvas consultation

Sky not pleased
Sky not pleased

Sky has written to the BBC Trust to complain about the five week consultation period for Project Canvas.

Canvas – the BBC led project which is aiming to bring a set of regulations and branding to the UK for IPTV – could act as a whole new platform for broadcasters.

This obviously puts it in competition with the likes of cable operator Virgin Media and satellite broadcaster BSkyB – who are not happy.

Sky snorts, boos

The crux of the complaint is that the five week consultation is not long enough, with Sky saying that the process "will only serve to undermine further industry confidence in its ability and inclination to act as a genuinely independent regulator of the BBC".

Sky is not alone in having reservations over the ambitious project, with complaints coming in from manufacturers like Sony, and the matter has been exacerbated by the failure to bring regulator Ofcom into the consultation.

The BBC Trust has insisted that the consultation provides "ample opportunity for comment and expression of views".

Via FT