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LG Magic Remote adds voice control to smart TVs

LG Magic Remote adds voice control to smart TVs
LG's new remote likes the sound of your voice

LG has taken the wrapper off of its latest remote control, which is set to bring voice control to the company's Cinema 3D TV range.

LG is not stranger to creating innovative, and also slightly wacky, controllers for its television range.

In 2010 it launched its first-generation wand-like Magic Remote, which added Wii style motion control to help users navigate their way round their TV's online functionality.

Remote possibility

The next generation of the Magic Remote has a number of new features, including voice recognition, wheel controls, magic gesture and, er, pointing.

The voice recognition feature allows users to enter text, like search terms, with voice commands which it hopes will speed up the smart TV browsing experience.

The addition of a jog wheel on the remote means that menus and apps can be navigated easier and there's also a 2D-to-3D conversion button situated on the remote.

Although the new Magic Remote has just been unveiled in Korea, there's a distinct possibility that we will see it in action at CES 2012 in January.

Via Engadget