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Microsoft turns Accompli into new Outlook for iOS and Android

Accompli is now the new Outlook for iOS and Android
Accompli is now the new Outlook for iOS and Android

Remember Accompli? The start-up that produced an eponymous email app and somehow convinced Microsoft to fork a whopping $200 million (about £130 million, AU$220 million) for it back in December 2014.

Well, Microsoft has rebadged the app and released it again on iOS and Android for free. It took it just over a month to do it and you still get advanced features like an integrated calendar, email management tools as well as tight integration with Microsoft's own cloud based solutions.

You can save files to OneDrive for example and the app is compatible with Office 365, Exchange and The app is available on iOS and Android although only in a beta/preview mode for the latter.

Interestingly, while Office for desktop includes Outlook, Office for mobile devices – including Android and iOS – doesn't.

Microsoft did give a peek at a new Universal Outlook app for desktop and mobile platforms at the Windows 10 event last week, one that include Word editing capabilities., nee Hotmail, was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 for an estimated $400 million ($590 million adjusting for inflation, about£380 million, AU$740 million at today's rate).

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