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Sony's eReader will be priced at $199

Sony eReader - £117 makes it far more attractive
Sony eReader - £117 makes it far more attractive

Sony's forthcoming eReader will be priced at just $199 (c£117) , with the electronics giant throwing down the gauntlet to Amazon and its Kindle and looking to win back the market for electronic readers.

Sony's current reader is popular in the UK, where the Amazon Kindle range has yet to launch, but in the US the 'etailer' has taken a big market share.

However, after news of the two eReaders surfaced last week, it has been confirmed that Sony's 5 inch eReader will be available for just under $200 with a larger version priced at $299 (c£176).

This lower price point could be a crucial factor for Sony – with the vast majority of people still not convinced that moving away from paper books is for them.

Expanding the market

"Achieving the $199 price point, we believe, expands the market dramatically," Sony's president of Digital Reading Steve Haber told Reuters.

"You can throw it in your bag and always have it with you, and that also allowed us to achieve a more affordable price point."

The $200 price point is significantly less than the Kindle – priced at $299 – and should help Sony attain its goal of 2 million units sold in the US.

TechRadar has contacted Sony for any news on a UK launch and release date.