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Stunning stand speaker adds to iRiver Clix

The iRiver Clix Cradle adds to an already-desirable little gadget.

It's pretty hard for manufacturers to make a DAP (digital audio player) or PMP (portable media player) stand out in the current crowded market, so the success or failure of a device is often down to the accessories available for it (iPod anyone?). Korea's iRiver knows this better than most and so has added a desirable speaker-cum-stand to its Clix.

The Clix Cradle is for the recently released second-generation Clix PMP, which is head and shoulders more attractive than any other video-playing music machine available now. The 30,000-won (£16) cradle adds to this by both looking good and bringing useful functionality.


Used one way, it's a stand that contains an infrared remote-control sensor, also hooking up by USB to charge the player; used another it's a tiny speaker for sharing the fun with someone (very) nearby.

Small as it is, at least iRiver's designers have put some thought into the cradle, which should reassure Clix owners. As anyone who ever had, for example, an Iomega HipZip (£290, no internal memory - yes I did: ouch...) will confirm, it's good to know somebody loves you.