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Sony unveils Walkman Music Clip NWZ-B160

Walkman - still going strong
Walkman - still going strong

Sony has unveiled its latest Walkman Music Clip NWZ-B160, with the wearable mp3 player bringing one touch bass boost and drag and drop music file transfers.

Althugh it is now the ageing granddaddy of portable music, the Walkman brand still has a certain resonance, and Sony's latest offering is aimed at those looking for a higly portable music player.

"Whether you're jogging, travelling, or just hanging out with friends, the latest Music Clip MP3 players from Sony deliver rich sound plus street-smart looks," explains Sony's release.


"Weighing just 28g and less than 10cm long, the Music Clip boasts an eye-grabbing two-tone finish in a vivid choice of contrasting colour-ways," it continues.

The Music Clip also brings an 18 hour battery life, with a feature bringing 90 minutes of playback from a three minute charge, and, as the name suggests, it can clip easily to your clothing.

The Walkman Music Clip NWZ-B160 range of players has a UK release date of mid-May 2011.

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