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TechRadar's alternative smartphone awards 2011

TechRadar's alternative smartphone awards 2011
The winners, losers and oddballs of 2012

You remember 2011 right? That year that we're still currently in? Well, when it comes to smartphones, it's been an odd one alright.

From Apple misdirection to reboots a-plenty, we've seen some pretty crazy things appear that we could have seen coming no matter how many balls, crystal or otherwise, we gazed at.

So to that end, we've chucked together a video to praise, laud and castigate the firms that have been, erm... experimental over the last 12 months and delivered some hits and misses to smartphone lovers.

So sit back, crack open a mince pie and prepare yourself for many seconds of pleasure as we trawl back through the time since Santa last popped down our chimneys to discover which smartphone brands nailed it and which failed big-stylee.