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Super 3G: 250Mbit/s mobile downloads next year

Super 3G
DoCoMo knows what it wants and exactly how to get it

When we recently tipped you the nod from inside NTT DoCoMo that the Japanese mobile carrier would be ready to roll out next-generation networks by the end of next year, we didn't expect the proof to be quite so forthcoming.

Still, the evidence that Super 3G is on track is now public, after a full-scale demonstration in Tokyo this week.

DSL, FTTH slowcoaches

Using 4 x 4 MIMO equipment in a so-called LTE (long-term evolution) test network, DoCoMo was able to show mobile downloads at 250MBit/s and uploads at 50Mbit/s.

To compare that to fixed connections, the average domestic fibre connection in Japan is rated at 100Mbit/s both ways, while DSL in countries like the UK languishes far behind at around 3Mbit/s.

2009 inked in

DoCoMo says it will start building its Super 3G network in late 2009, meaning – thanks to the fact that it only needs to upgrade the software powering its existing 3G service – that 2010 likely marks the start of the LTE era.