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Samsung's Galaxy Lite delayed until 2010?

Samsung's i5700 - the new Android phone
Samsung's i5700 - the new Android phone

Samsung's i5700 Galaxy Lite phone has been pictured again, this time looking a little closer to final release.

These pictures also appear at the same time as news that the i5700 will be pushed back to a 2010 launch date.

Dialaphone is stating that the delay is down to the company wanting to give the Samsung i7500 Galaxy, the recently debuted handset, a chance to bed in first before releasing another from the family.

Like the Galaxy – but Lite

The same site listed some new specs as well, with the i5700 bringing a 3-inch WQVGA screen (fairly low-res), a 3.2MP camera (with no flash this time), 3.5G HSDPA and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

It's also got a microSD card slot, a video and media player (well, it is the latest version of Android) and Wi-Fi to boot – so not really any surprises there then.

Sasmung i5700 galaxy lite

The same list also mentions TouchWiz, Samsung's proprietary UI, which adds a widget menu to the home screen for easy access to applications and a new menu system.

It's not shown in the new pictures, so it will be interesting to see is Samsung sticks with the traditional Android UI as it has with the i7500, or joins the likes of Archos, HTC and Motorola in skinning Google's OS.

Via Dialaphone and Samsung Hub