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Robot phone has an ear for his master's voice

Not all robots look like this friendly fellow

Straight out of the box marked 'Bizarre' we have a cross between a robot and a mobile phone that one Japanese company seems to think will become an indispensable part of all our lives.

Flower Robotics' Polaris is basically a phone strapped onto a set of wheels with a Roomba-like ability to tootle around the house. In doing so, it supposedly gathers information about its 'master' for later analysis.

Devil in the details

The data it crunches can be anything from emails sent using the phone to how far the owner has walked that day. Quite why anyone would want this analysed and sent to the nearest TV screen is beyond us, but that's what Polaris likes to do.

Although the device is still just a prototype, Flower Robotics says it will put the Polaris on sale some time next year at an as-yet-undetermined price. We'll wait.

Via CNet