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Dot.Tunes: Stream music from iPhone via Wi-Fi

Using Dot.Tunes 4, you'll be able to stream music from your Apple iPod touch or iPhone wirelessly

Here's a clever new application for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch: Dot.Tunes 4 - it lets you stream your music collection over Wi-Fi, free of charge.

It doesn't matter how big your music collection is, or the hard drive size of your player, Dot.Tunes 4 enables you to share your music with others. It's a fully developed audio server application that supports MP3, AAC, AIFF, .wav, MPEG, MP4, and .mov files, Macworld says.

iTunes library

Using a custom web server in the application, you'll also be able to access your main iTunes library using your Apple iPhone or iPod touch. Dot.Tunes 4 also features a flash player and file uploads, plus podcasting and RSS feed support.

Dot.Tunes 4 is available to download and use now.