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Natal looks set to cost over £100

Natal price and date leaked ahead of time?
Natal price and date leaked ahead of time?

Microsoft's Project Natal motion sensing peripheral looks like it will cost around £100, according to industry sources.

Edge online is reporting that the add-on will be coming in at $149, and bundled with an Xbox Arcade console for $299.

In real money, this translates to £103 for Natal, and £207 for the bundle, although it's likely this will be higher when it comes to UK pricing, meaning a price tag of around £250 is possible - more if a dedicated game is offered as well.


This means the price is higher than previously expected - and still higher than the Nintendo Wii.

Edge is also tipping a UK release date of 26 October for the Natal bundle, in time for the Christmas rush and in line with previous reports, although that's apparently a tentative launch date.

The new title and more information is set to be announced at E3 next month, as well as info on the games supported by the new peripheral.

From Edge