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HP Pre 3 UK price drop outed on official site

HP Pre 3 UK price drop outed on official site
The HP Pre3 goes on sale...ish

It looks like the long-awaited HP Pre 3 UK price has been outed on the official site, but won't be there for long.

We spoke to the official representatives, who told us that the page was 'likely going to be taken down soon' and the Pre 3 won't be put on sale directly.

However, and take this following statement with a HUGE pinch of salt, the chap we spoke to on the phone said that high street retailers 'such as The Carphone Warehouse and PC World' will be taking stock of the phone, although couldn't confirm the price would be the same.

A retro classic in the making

We're interested to see if this pans out - considering customer service 'facts' are wrong nearly every time, we're not holding our breath on a possible high street release for the unloved webOS phone.

The Pre 3 has been the subject of much speculation regarding a UK price drop since the TouchPad price was slashed in the UK, prompting it to sell out everywhere.

However, this is the first word from HP on the mooted price tumble as it looks to shift the remaining stock - we've contacted The Carphone Warehouse to see if there's a lick of truth in the possibility of it being an official stockist, so we'll let you know.

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