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Ad-funded Blyk in trouble already

Technical issues means that you currently can't send MMS picture messages to/from Blyk, instead having to revert to email.

Advertising-funded mobile network Blyk, which launched its free mobile calls service on Monday, is already suffering technical problems.

At Monday's Blyk launch, company founders Pekka Ala-Pietilä and Antti Öhrling said the reason for the service launching late in the first place was that they wanted to make sure the network infrastructure was rigorously tested. So getting into trouble after just two days in service must be a tad embarrassing for the firm.

Blyk comes down to Earth

"Unfortunately picture message (MMS) connections between Blyk and other UK networks (e.g. Orange, Vodafone, 3 etc) are still under construction. This means that picture messages between Blyk and other UK networks are not yet being delivered. In the meantime, please use email to share photos with your friends," a posting on Blyk' website states.

Since MMS is the only handset requirement in order to get the service in the first place, this sounds strange. Users are not likely to be that happy about the MMS problems either - sending pictures by email rather than MMS means they will have to cough up 99p per megabyte of data sent.

We're waiting for a response from Blyk, and will update the story as soon as possible.