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3G tech used to fight crime

High speed 3G mobile is the latest technology to be used in the fight against crime, with wireless CCTV providing live action surveillance via T-Mobile 's 3G network.

Wireless CCTV provider WCCTV is now using T-Mobile's 3G technology to provide CCTV operators, such as police forces and local councils, with high quality images. Some 14-15 frames per second are provided from 3G SIM-equipped cameras.

With no need for fixed line internet access to relay images, the 3G-enabled cameras are more flexible than fixed CCTV cameras, and can be moved quickly to wherever remote surveillance is needed. CCTV monitoring can also be carried out on the move, using a laptop or other internet-enabled device equipped with 3G or Wi-Fi technology.

"Organisations such as police forces and local councils can monitor situations in real time as they develop, even while they are away from their offices, improving intelligence and reducing response times," commented David Gilbertson, MD, WCCTV.