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EU calls for SMS costs to be halved

EU clamps down on rogue ringtones
EU clamps down on rogue ringtones

The EU's consumer protection division is set to crack down on rogue mobile phone companies offering so-called 'free' games and ringtone services to entice younger mobile users into signing up for costly monthly contracts.

Additionally, the UK's telecoms commissioner Viviane Reding has called for the cost of data roaming and sending text messages when abroad to be more than halved.

Rogue ringtones

Meglena Kuneva, head of the EU's consumer protection division has called for national regulators to take legal action against rogue ringtone and mobile game subscription services, where such services are seen to be misleadingly or falsely advertised as 'free'.

UK regulator PhonepayPlus will unveil a set of proposals to deal with this growing problem this week.