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UK wants faster, better mobile email access

Mobile email access needs to be better
Mobile email access needs to be better

According to the Vodafone Critical Response Time Index survey (or VCRTI for short) businesses are demanding faster responses from emails that are sent out.

Lazy or just plain busy business people who don't respond to emails within two hours are costing an average of £18,840 in lost revenue.

The survey goes on to say that over a third (36 per cent to be precise) of workers in the UK have noted that a lack of access to email while on the move is causing friction in their workplace. If you live in London, this percentage is upped to nearly half of all workers (48 per cent).

Impatience is a virtue

The statistics in the survey continue with Vodafone noting that one in 10 businesses want an email within 30 minutes.

All these numbers point to one thing: the UK wants faster, better mobile email access.

Speaking about the survey, Mark Bond, Enterprise Business Unit Director, Vodafone UK commented. "This year we have seen mobile email access, more than ever before, become an essential piece of the business armoury.

"This survey clearly demonstrates that the way we approach our work is changing and businesses need to move to address that change."