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Tag Heuer debuts first phone through FCC

The's a bit expensive
The's a bit expensive

Tag Heuer, traditionally known for providing watches for Formula 1 driver Kimi Raikkonen to look unhappy next to, has had its first phone unveiled through the FCC.

The Meridiist is a high-end device designed to appeal to the fashion conscious rather than the mobile phone lovers of the world.

Hardly feature packed, this device carries a price tag of up to £3000, only barely justified by the sapphire coating that helps it remain scratch-proof from all the jewels you're likely to wear if you can afford this.

OLED ole!

An OLED screen on the top of this candybar device shows you interesting status updates, like what's happening on the media player, and perhaps how much money you have (or maybe not).

A 2MP camera is safely protected by a sliding cover, so you won't scratch it up and get fuzzy pictures. Thank God.

2MP? The only reasoning for including such a thing on a handset that cost £3000 is the 'well, it's good enough for Apple' argument.

Which is a poor one, by the way.