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New Nike app for iPhone: spying possibility?

The Nike+ iPhone App?
The Nike+ iPhone App?

A few screenshots of the long-awaited iPhone Nike+ App have surfaced on the old interweb, and should keep a few Apple fitness freaks happy.

For decades (or something like that) runners have been using their iPod to pair up with a sensor in their shoe to track their runs, with a 'power song' coming in at the right time to deliver that boost of motivation we all need.

GPS or no?

Now the App is coming to the iPhone, this raises many questions about how it will be employed. For instance, will it use GPS to track the runner? Will the accelerometer replace the in-shoe insert?

And if the phone can relay information on the run via a 3G connection, then surely it would be easy to track someone via the GPS /3G system?

And the big issue will be playing music with the App. The current Nike+ system interrupts the music with information on the runner's progress, but the iPhone currently does not allow Apps to mess with the iPod portion.

However, given the relationship between Apple and Nike, perhaps this will be an exception?