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New Motorola Blackberry-a-like revealed

Motorola's new Napoleon handset
Motorola's new Napoleon handset

Motorola, Motorola, Motorola…where did it all go wrong? The Razr was great, granted, but only because it was thin. You needed to make something equally as amazing…and you haven't yet.

Which is why it is sad the leak of the new Q9 isn't as exciting as it might have been; instead, it's a look to see if the device will be good enough to re-raise the Motorola handset brand.

Sacre bleu

Codenamed Napoleon (as in the French leader, not the multi-flavour ice cream), it's a Windows 6.1 device with a fingerprint scanner on the back for security (a nice touch).

Quad-band EDGE makes it a properly worldwide phone, and can even work on multiple carriers in the US, according to BGR.

It has a standard 2MP camera, 320x240 resolution screen and WiFi for those days when GSM just doesn't cut it. Woo.

Apparently everything seemed to be all present and shipshape through initial usage, which for a business phone is what you want it to do really.

So it may not be the phone to re-launch Motorola, not by a long way, but it should help more than keep it afloat for now.