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Could the iPhone save mobile gaming?

The iPhone...the new king of gaming?
The iPhone...the new king of gaming?

Touchscreens could breathe new life into the gaming market, according to a media report into the state of the industry sector.

EA Mobile, Gameloft, Glu and THQ Wireless have seen their global market shares in the mobile gaming sector increase from 11 per cent to 22 per cent in 2007 and the figure is rising.

The report, from Screen Digest, predicts the iPhone 3G is likely to fuel the growth in mobile gaming, with games such as Super Monkey Ball from Sega using the accelerometer and large touchscreen to develop novel ways of interaction.

iPhone - The all American dream

In fact, so important could the iPhone's impact be that North America will become the global leader in this sector next year, according to the report.

The mobile gaming industry, which has around 11 key players including Namco and Zed as well as those mentioned above, could be worth around €2.6 billion (£2 billion) by 2012, with Asia, currently the largest audience, slipping in the rankings.

Among the leading pack, Gameloft is expected to take the lead in the mobile game provision stakes, replacing the faltering EA Mobile, which has seen earnings slow.