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'All the web on your mobile' made public

The Skyfire browser
The Skyfire browser

Skyfire, the mobile browser that promises to bring the entire web to S60 and Windows Mobile devices, has had its beta test broadened to include the UK.

It's been around for a while, but the software is clearly on the way towards being 'ready' and has thus scrapped the registration process formerly (and annoyingly) needed to get your hands on the software.

Remember to render

Working in a similar way to Opera, the browser works by proxy severs rendering the web pages ready for the mobile screen, then sending those images over to the handset.

But, unlike Opera, the software can also handle Flash, Java, AJAX and Silverlight, which means that all the delights of YouTube and BBC's iPlayer can be had on your handset with minimal strain on its processor.

The streaming will obviously eat into your data limit, but don't worry about buying the software, as it's free as a bird in the wild. Not in a cage.