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MicroSD cards, from 128GB to 1TB, hit bargain bin prices for Prime Day

MicroSD cards, from 128GB to 1TB, going cheaper for Prime Day

microSD cards going cheap is a Prime Day staple. While not the most thrilling Prime Day purchase, a cheap microSD card can seriously boost the capacity in your smartphone, or provide extra storage for a laptop, a DSLR, or any other piece of tech that needs portable storage.

There are a range of cheap microSD cards in the Prime Day sales right now, from trusted manufacturers like Sandisk, Samsung, Kingston, and PNY. Most are cutting between 20-60% off prices, so you can pick up some serious storage for your money. All the deals are below, but as a quick summary, you're getting slightly better savings on the bigger cards, and you're getting more GB per $ with the 512GB cards than the smaller ones. Our recommendation would be to go bigger with your card, unless your device doesn't support the larger-storage microSD cards (which some phones don't - so do check your particular device).

Sandisk Extreme 512GB microSD card: $199.99

Sandisk Extreme 512GB microSD card: $199.99 $79.99 at Amazon
Save a fantastic 60% on this ultra-fast microSD card. If you're handling 4K video files, and other large file types, the extra speed you get from the Sandisk Extreme range is a real time saver. You're transferring at around 160MB/s here, which is up from 100MB/s on regular microSDs. This comes with an SD converter and a lifetime warranty. 

Sandisk Extreme 256GB microSD card: $48.99

Sandisk Extreme 256GB microSD card: $48.99 $41.99
This microSD is a perfect way to expand the storage in a smartphone, and it's currently at a seriously low price. The Extreme series is weatherproof and shockproof, so is perfect for phones, and it comes with a lifetime warranty by Sandisk.

Sandisk Ultra 128GB microSD card: $24.98

Sandisk Ultra 128GB microSD card: $24.98 $20.69 at Amazon
The best way to expand storage in a smartphone is with a microSD card, that sits alongside your sim. This Sandisk Extreme 128GB is probably the most cost-effective way of achieving this. It's now just over 20 bucks, and it's extremely hardy (shock and weather proof), so is ideal for a device like a smartphone.

Sandisk Extreme microSDXC 1TB:

Sandisk Extreme microSDXC 1TB: $391 $182 at Amazon
1TB of storage is enough to store every photo, video and game you could ever take on your phone, and right now you can get this awesome Sandisk Extreme microSDXC card with just that amount of storage for $182 on Amazon Prime Day.

Samsung EVO 512GB microSD card: $99.99

Samsung EVO 512GB microSD card: $99.99 $69.99 at Amazon
Samsung make some of our favorite microSD cards, and you save 30% on this one. It's one of the mid-range cards, so is quick enough to transfer photos and videos at around 90-100MB/s, and it's incredibly reliable. You'll get a free SD converter for this card, and all Samsung EVO cards are water, X-ray, temperature, and magnetic proof, so your data is very safe.

Samsung EVO 256GB microSD card: $34.99

Samsung EVO 256GB microSD card: $34.99 $27.99 at Amazon
You're making a good saving on this SD card, and the Samsungs are our top picks when it comes to expanding your smartphone storage. The EVO series is fast and reliable, offering 100MB/s read speed for a reasonable price. Pair one with a Galaxy phone, and you've got a powerhouse mobile with capacity for masses of photos and videos.

Sandisk Ultra 512GB microSD card: $85

Sandisk Ultra 512GB microSD card: $85 $63.99 at Amazon
Save big on this 512GB microSD from Sandisk, one of the biggest names in portable storage. You get 100MBs read speed on this card, which means you can move around 1000 photos per minute, depending on the size of the raw files. It comes with a 10-year warranty too, which is a statement of the faith Sandisk has in its cards.

Sandisk Ultra 400GB microSD card: $59.99

Sandisk Ultra 400GB microSD card: $59.99 $44.99 at Amazon
There's a good saving on this 400GB card, for anyone who doesn't need to push their storage as far as 512GB. The Ultra cards from Sandisk are great for basic portable storage needs, and transfer around 100MB/s on a USB 3.0 connection. This card also comes with an SD converter for devices like cameras and laptops.

PNY Pro Elite 512GB microSD card: $99.99

PNY Pro Elite 512GB microSD card: $99.99 $69.99 at Amazon
Save 30% on this high-performance microSD card. The Pro Elite series is ideal for anyone shooting 4K video, and managing large file transfers from cameras to laptops. PNY lists read speeds of up to 100MB/s and write at 90MB/s. As with most microSD cards this comes with an SD adaptor, which you'll need for most DSLRs and laptop slots.


Kingston Canvas Select 512GB microSDHC: $84 $72 at Amazon
On Amazon Prime Day, you can expand the storage of your Nintendo Switch, Phone or other device with this massive 512GB drive for just $72.

Kingston Canvas Select 256GB microSDHC: $49

Kingston Canvas Select 256GB microSDHC: $49 $35 at Amazon
SD cards continue to come down in price, and you can get a quality card for cheap. For instance, you can get this Kingston 256GB microSDHC card for just $35 on Amazon Prime Day. 

How much storage do you get from a microSD card? Well, let's take a standard 128GB card - which is what most people put into their smartphones. You'll get about 30,000 images on there from a phone with a 12MB camera, which is what you'll find in the Galaxy S20, for example. You'll get just over 20 hours of HD video in a card of that size too. So, scale up if you want a 256GB or 512GB card.

Almost all these cheap microSD cards come with a free SD card converter as standard, so they'll slot into most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. This gives you the flexibility to remove the microSD element and slot it into your phone, to copy or store images from a camera.

If you need to check out more advice, we have a rundown of the best microSD cards right now, but they're very comparable, so you should be fine with any of the cards we've selected below.

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