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Soon there'll be no more free radio on, with users in the UK, US and Germany being charged for the service from January 15. already made the similar-artists-powered shuffling feature a premium one for most of the world; only the UK, Germany and the US still getting free access.

However, this will change slightly come January when radio streaming from the desktop client will also go subscriber-only although you will be able to listen from free via web radio (if you can stomach the ads).

All other desktop features will stay free and promises a new, modernised client imminently, adding that the client "remains the best way to scrobble".

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Brazil will continue to have paid-access to radio too but no other countries will have the privilege, even if you're a paid-up subscriber. says this comes down to licensing restrictions and promises refunds in certain cases; scrobbling will remain free in these countries and all other subscription features like Playground will remain unchanged.

The music service has gradually reduced its free offering over the past years, making its mobile and wireless playback options subscriber-only.

The new Radio changes come into effect from January 15 2013. also has an "exciting" new iOS app on the cards, which scrobbles and uses's recommendations and, most excitingly, is free.

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