does a Spotify, goes premium for mobile devices - online radio starts charging for streaming - online radio starts charging for streaming has announced that it will no longer be available for free for the majority of mobile and streaming devices.

The UK-based music outfit has decided to take the Spotify stance for mobile phones and entertainment devices and start charging a subscription for the app.

Unless you use a Windows Phone 7 handset or an Xbox to stream the app, then you will have to sign up as a subscriber to continue using the service.

This means that if you use through a Sonos, Squeezebox, iOS and Android devices then you will have to start paying.

Denon, Teufel and Roberts devices are also affected.

Will cost a coffee

"We're committed to building into a bigger service that gives listeners the best music discovery experience anywhere while financially supporting and promoting the artists who make the music we love," said Matthew Hawn of about the changes.

"You'll see that this change brings us in line with other music services that already charge you to listen to music on mobile devices.

"For the cost of a fancy coffee, a monthly subscription allows you to listen to radio across all platforms, on all your devices, and without commercial interruptions."

Scrobbling, music and event recommendations, social networking and community forums won't be affected with the subscription change, but's main radio component will only be available on mobile devices to subscribers.

Currently a subscription costs a not to shabby £3 a month, with listening to the service on a computer staying completely free.

Marc Chacksfield

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