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Instagram now has more monthly users than Twitter


Instagram now has more than 400 million monthly active users, the social site announced today.

It hit the mark in less than five years, and is up from 300 million monthly active users nine months ago. Instagram now has more monthly active users than Twitter (316 million), but still far less than its parent company, Facebook (over 1 billion).

Perhaps even more notable than the sheer number of people sharing, commenting and liking photos (80 million daily, according to Instagram) is the global growth of the service.

According to Instagram, more than 75% of its users are outside the US. More than half of the last 100 million users who signed up live in Europe and Asia, and Brazil, Japan and Indonesia were the countries that counted the most new Instagrammers.

Photos may be worth a thousand words, and to Instagram, they're clearly amounting to millions of new users, too.