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IllumiRoom may light up today's Xbox launch event after all

Illumiroom may arrive alongside new Xbox today, subsidised model scrapped
Light it up

We may be just hours from the launch of the new Xbox, but you didn't honestly expect the rumours to slow, did you? The latest is that Microsoft's previously-teased Illumiroom concept will be shown off alongside the new console later today.

Windows bloggy guy and man-in-the-know Paul Thurrott said in a tweet that Microsoft's new immersive gaming experience will be appearing at today's event after all.

Microsoft Research's Hrvoje Benko and Brett Jones stated in a previous interview with Engadget that IllumiRoom wouldn't appear until July, and as we'd heard nothing since, we'd accepted that Microsoft just wasn't ready to roll it out at its May 21 event. Looks like we might have given up hope too soon.

Illumination station

The other news Thurrott had to share was that the subsidised Xbox model mooted at one point has now been scrapped entirely.

We previously heard that the new console will launch in two models - a $500 (around AU$510, £330) all-out version and a $300 (around AU$305, £200) model that would require a two year commitment to Xbox Live Gold membership.

Why should we trust Thurrott? Well he was on the money about the reveal date for the new Microsoft console so we do have to give him some credit. But of course, we'd still recommend a scoop from the salt jar to be safe.


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