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Million dollar man: Turing's notebook sells at auction

Turing's notebook - a historical document
Turing's notebook - a historical document

He's without doubt one of the heroes of the information age, and now Alan Turing's work is finally being valued by the world at large, with the computing pioneer's notebook selling at auction for in excess of a million dollars.

The 52-page notebook, which can make an honest claim to be an historic document in computing, sold for $1,025,000 (£698,538, AU$1.3m) at Bonhams auction house.

The guide price was at least seven figures and an anonymous bidder inched it over that threshold.

Turing's brilliant but sad life has been celebrated in film recently, and his role in cracking the enigma code during World War II and his impact on the burgeoning world of computing is finally being acknowledged.

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