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Corsair HS1 gaming headset unveiled

Corsair HS1
Corsair HS1 headset - for gamers

Corsair has announced the Gaming Audio Series HS1 USB headset, with the memory giant taking its first step into audio.

It's been a big few weeks for gaming peripherals, with the usual suspects finding new players arriving in the marketplace.

The Corsair Gaming Audio Series HS1 features noise-isolation, multi-channel audio and 50mm drivers.


The circumaural (which means round your ears, duh) design has a closed back that 'helps reject ambient noise', which the more cynical would suggest most objects do.

There are also replaceable memory foam earpads and a uni-directional microphone.

"We set out to develop a headset with the performance that gamers demand, while also providing the pristine audio reproduction required for multi-channel movies and high bit rate music," stated Jim Carlton, Vice President of Marketing at Corsair.

"The Audio HS1 easily meets both these challenges."