8 essential tech projects for the weekend

8 essential tech projects for the weekend

The weekend's here, and it's the ideal time to give your tech a bit of extra love. We've gathered together some of the best projects of the past week that you might not have had time to try.

These projects can help you improve the gadgets you already have, as well as discover cool new features you might not have even known about.

So, if you have some spare time this weekend, make sure you check out these essential tech projects – you can thank us later!

Raise money with crowdfunding

8 essential tech projects for the weekend

Whether you need a shot of capital for your business, or want to raise some cash to help you fulfil a lifetime ambition, crowdfunding could be the solution to your fundraising needs.

There are a number of ways to raise money through the internet, and we look at them in detail in our guide to Raising money with crowdfunding.

Fix any Linux problem

8 essential tech projects for the weekend

As any Linux user will tell you, there's a lot to love about the free and open source operating system, but it does have its… shall we say… 'eccentricities'.

If you're running into trouble with your Linux machine, then make sure you check out our comprehensive guide on How to fix any Linux problem – there's a good chance we'll have the solution.

Install Linux on an Android phone

8 essential tech projects for the weekend

If you love Linux and aren't experiencing any problems (or have just fixed them with our above guide…), then you may be interested in our tutorial on How to install Linux on an Android phone.

By putting a full version of Linux on a smartphone you can bring many advanced features to your mobile device, and it's also a good way of learning more about both Linux and Android.

Get better at Googling

8 essential tech projects for the weekend

Using Google to search the internet has become part of everyday life for most of us – but you might not be using the search engine to its full potential.

In our Advanced Google search tips and tricks guide we show you some of the hidden Google tools that you can use to make finding what you're looking for on the web even easier.

Get started with LibreOffice

8 essential tech projects for the weekend

LibreOffice is a free and open source office suite that rivals Microsoft Office when it comes to power and features. If you don't want to spend money on a Microsoft Office licence, LibreOffice is a great alternative, giving you word processing, database, spreadsheet and other essential office tools.

Check out our guide on How to get started with LibreOffice to find out everything you need to know about this excellent software suite.

Boost your Google account's security

8 essential tech projects for the weekend

If you've got a Gmail or Google Drive account then you also have an all-singing, all-dancing Google account that enables you to access all kinds of useful Google tools.

It's worth making sure this account is properly protected, as it holds a lot of your personal information, so this weekend is a great time to Boost your Google account's security.

Get excited for Android N

8 essential tech projects for the weekend

If you've got an Android device then you should start getting excited about the launch of Android N, which will be the latest version of Google's popular mobile operating system.

Android N is coming out later this year, but if you have a compatible device you can download the beta version right now – check out our guide on How to download Android 7.0 N.

Even if you can't download Android N beta – or if you don't want to risk using such an early version of the software – you can still get excited about what's in store with our Android N beta tips and tricks article, which goes through some of the most exciting new features that are coming with Android N.

Use Android Pay

8 essential tech projects for the weekend

Taking your wallet out with you is so last week – this weekend, why not try using your Android phone to pay for things instead, with Android Pay? We've got a guide to Setting up Android Pay, and you'll be impressed by how convenient it is to use the service.

Got an iPhone? We've got you covered with our How to use Apple Pay guide as well.

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