How to watch The Curse of Oak Island season 10: stream the History Channel reality TV series online from anywhere

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Like Indiana Jones meets Time Team, the Curse of Oak Island is a reality TV documentary that follows two brothers on a quest to solve the mysteries of Oak Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia. It's an excavation site rumoured to be brimming with ancient artefacts and buried treasure. Might Marty and Rick could be about to succeed where others – including Franklin D. Roosevelt – failed? You can find out now as we explain how to watch The Curse of Oak Island season 10 online from anywhere in the world.

Watch The Curse of Oak Island season 10 online

Premiere date: Friday, November 15 at 9pm ET/PT (8pm CT)

New episodes: every week at the same time

Stream: 50% off Sling TV first month or Hulu + Live TV (US) | StackTV (CA)

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For over two centuries, explorers have claimed Oak Island to be host to all kinds of fantastic objects, such as cryptic Shakespearean manuscripts and the sacred Ark of the Covenant. Six people are known to have perished in their efforts to unearth them. Yet the alleged “curse” of the island claims it needs seven lives before it will yield its riches.

Good luck to Rick and Marty then, the returning ringleaders of a fellowship of experts that includes Craig Tester, Marty’s son Alex, historian Charles Barkhouse, and local geologist Steve Guptill.

Season 9 detailed their ongoing progress after exhuming an ancient sailing vessel from the swamp. Season 10 sets off to explore the growing proof linking the military order of the Knights Templar to the island. Expect ever more game-changing revelations as we explain how to watch The Curse of Oak Island season 10 online in our streaming guide below.

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Watch The Curse of Oak Island season 10 in the US

Tuesday, November 159pm ET/PT (8pm CT)

The Curse of Oak Island season 10 premieres on Tuesday, November 15 at 9pm ET/PT (8pm CT) on the History Channel, with new episodes airing weekly in the same timeslot.

You can also catch episodes live through the History Channel website if you’re a cable subscriber. Just enter your cable provider details and you’ll have access to live streams, in addition to on-demand episodes of the channel's many shows.

Looking to ditch inflexible, expensive cable plans? Then there are a few affordable, OTT alternatives that include the History Channel in their line-up.

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More expensive but more comprehensive too is Hulu + Live TV. It provides access to over 75 channels and throws in Disney Plus and ESPN Plus as part of a monthly subscription. There’s no free trial sadly, but you can cancel your membership at any time.

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How to watch The Curse of Oak Island season 10 online from outside your country

If you’re abroad when new episodes of The Curse of Oak Island season 10 are broadcast, you might struggle to connect to your usual streaming services all because of annoying geo-blocking restrictions.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution. Downloading a VPN will let you stream The Curse of Oak Island online no matter where you are. It's a simple bit of software that changes your IP address, meaning that you can access on-demand content or live TV like you would back at home.

Use a VPN to watch The Curse of Oak Island season 10 online from abroad.

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How to watch The Curse of Oak Island season 10 FREE online in Canada


Those with the History Channel Canada as part of their cable package can enjoy all-new The Curse of Oak Island every week from Sunday, November 20 at 10pm ET/PT.

Alternatively, subscribe to Stack TV for CAD$12.99 through Amazon Prime Video. The channel bundle includes Global TV programming, including the History Channel, Adult Swim, W Network, Showcase and more. If you’re new to Prime or a returning customer, you can try it FREE for 30 days. Even better, StackTV comes with a month-long free trial too, so you could stream The Curse of Oak Island and not pay a penny until the trial period ends. At that point, you’d be charged the combined monthly amount of CAD$23.

Outside of Canada? Tune in just like you would at home by using a VPN to magically reappear in Canada and gain access to all the content you'd normally stream.

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How to watch The Curse of Oak Island season 10 in Australia


As of yet, there’s no release date confirmed in Australia for the most recent season of The Curse of Oak Island. 

With season 9 currently only 2/3s of the way through its run on Foxtel’s A&E channel (with episodes airing every Friday at 8.30pm), TV viewers could be in for a long wait before unveiling Oak Island’s latest season 10 mysteries.

VOD platform Binge is home to every episode of The Curse of Oak Island seasons 4 through 9 though, so it's possible season 10 may be added here in bulk before the show gets its belated on-air broadcast.

Binge is very temptingly priced with plans starting from AUS$10 a month. And what's more, new customers are entitled to a generous 14-day FREE trial, meaning you get to try before you buy. 

The Basic plan provides a single stream in SD quality, but you can upgrade to Standard and Premium plans if you want additional streams and better video quality.

However, as previously mentioned, viewers abroad will struggle to connect to any of the streaming services they’re already subscribed to. The solution? Try using a VPN as per our guide above.

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How to watch The Curse of Oak Island season 10 in the UK


Sadly, Brits will have to wait to catch up with Marty, Rick and the team, because there’s usually a two-month delay between the US premiere of The Curse of Oak Island and its UK broadcast on Sky History. On that basis, mark your calendar for a release sometime in early-to-mid January 2023.

Away from home? Anyone in the UK from a country where The Curse of Oak Island is being broadcast can tune into their home coverage with the help of a good VPN.

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