How to download watchOS 4 to your Apple Watch

Update: If you own the original Apple Watch, you can use the guide below to download the latest software you can. Any other version of the device can now be upgraded to watchOS 5.

Apple has rolled out the next version of its wearable software and if you own an Apple Watch you can check it out right now. Below we're going to talk you through how best to upgrade to the new watchOS 4.3 software.

If you upgrade you'll get the additional benefits of the Siri watch face, the ability to do multiple workouts at the same time as well as an update to the Apple Music and Apple Pay apps.

Plus there's no watchOS 4.3 too, which is the latest version of the software and comes with new music controls, bug fixes and a few other minor improvements for your wrist.

Before you begin you should make sure you back up your iPhone or iPad first that the Apple Watch is connected with.

How to download the watchOS 4.3 software

Will your Apple Watch get upgraded?

Apple Watch and Apple Watch 2 devices can download the update, while the Apple Watch 3 is already running watchOS 4.

The first step is to ensure your new phone is running iOS 11. We have a full guide to make sure you upgrade to the latest iOS software as soon as possible. You won't be able to upgrade to watchOS 4 unless you're running iOS 11.

Before you start to upgrade your Apple Watch, ensure it's fully charged. You'll need to have 50% battery in your wearable, but it's better if you can fully charge it beforehand.

If possible, connect your watch to a charger for this whole process to make sure it doesn't run out.

You'll then need to make sure your watch is connected to your iPhone and then connect your phone to Wi-Fi. After that you'll want to boot up the Watch app on iOS 11.

Within the Watch app, press on the My Watch tab and then General. Here you'll find a section that says software update and you'll find the latest watchOS there to download ready to install.

You'll then need to enter your passcode on your phone and agree to the terms and conditions of the update. Then turn back to your Apple Watch and it'll prompt you with the update where you can press proceed, but then you'll need to enter your passcode again.

As long as your connection stays solid, it should download and install automatically from there. Now you'll be able to use watchOS 4 and get all of the added benefits.

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