Amazon Prime Student cost: how to get the school discount

Calling all students: here's how to save on the Amazon Prime Student cost so that you make the most of this membership, just in time for back to school

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In search of all the details on the Amazon Prime Student cost? You're not alone. Prime Student is one of the Amazon's most generous programs and it brings with it a range of benefits that make it well worth considering. 

While the back to school sales are still a few months away yet, it's never too early to get yourself prepared for the new academic year. Signing up for Amazon Prime Student (opens in new tab) will mean you're all ready to go when those great deals do drop and you'll find your membership offers you additional discounts and perks not available to non-students.

If you're not already a Prime subscriber in the US or UK, you can sign up for a generous six-month free trial to Amazon Prime Student (opens in new tab). This means you're saving 50% off the cost of a regular Amazon Prime membership - money you could put towards the best Windows laptop to help you write all those essays or even one of the best graphing calculators to make solving those maths equations that little bit easier!

On top of saving you money, the sixth-month free trial that you'll get with Amazon Prime Student gives you virtually all of the other benefits of a regular Amazon Prime Subscription. There's unlimited free two-day shipping, unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows through Prime Video, more than a million songs at no additional cost through Prime Music, access to unlimited photo storage through Prime Photos and so much more!

Everything you get for the Amazon Prime Student cost is sounding pretty good, right? Well, it gets even better. Once you've completed your six month free trial, you'll receive a super generous 50% off the cost of a full Amazon Prime membership, which means you'll continue to receive ongoing savings. You could put those savings towards paying off your student loans or covering your lab fees, but hey, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to the best iPhone or one of the best MacBooks and Macs either!  

Okay, so now that we've got you all excited about the Amazon Prime Student membership, it's time to get into the important details - like how to join, a deep dive into the benefits and what exactly you need to do if you don't have  and .edu or email. Here's everything you need to know about the Amazon Prime Student cost to see if this membership program is worth your while... 

What is Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime Student is a special Amazon Prime membership for actively enrolled college students. A UK version of Amazon Prime Student (opens in new tab) is available as well.

It includes a six-month free trial with almost all the benefits of Prime. Some, like unlimited reading and unlimited Prime Music streaming, may be restricted during this trial period. 

However, once the six months are over, you'll get all the benefits of a full Prime membership, with the exception that you won't be able to share the benefits with another account.

The best part is, you get these the Prime perks at a discount: Amazon Prime Student members receive 50% off the cost of a full Prime membership. Normally $139 / £79 a year, this brings the yearly membership price to $69 / £39 - which makes the Amazon Prime Student cost pretty darn affordable. 

Amazon Prime Student screen

This Amazon Prime Student cost of half-off the regular price is good for four years or until you graduate, whichever comes first.

At that time, memberships will automatically be renewed at the full Amazon Prime price of $139 / £79 year. Amazon will send an email a few weeks before this goes into effect, so you know when you'll be charged and have a chance to cancel, if you don’t want to continue.

Amazon Prime Student members can cancel their subscription at any time. And if you cancel but have second thoughts, you can always restart your membership. You'll no longer get the six-month free trial. However, you can still take advantage of the $69 / £39 per year discount.

Who can join Amazon Prime Student in the US?

To join Amazon Prime Student in the US, you'll need to meet a few requirements. 

First, you must have an Amazon account. If you don't, you can create one here (opens in new tab).

Second, you'll need to be actively enrolled in at least one class at a college or university. Your school must be in one of the 50 states, the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico. 

Amazon Prime movies being displayed on phone, TV and tablet

Stream movies and TV shows with your Prime Student membership

You’ll also need a valid .edu email address. This doesn't have to be the email connected to your Amazon account, but it will be used to verify that you're a student, so you'll need access to this account. 

Finally, and this is crucial: while you don't necessarily need to provide documentation showing that you're enrolled in college when you sign up for Prime Student, you must be able to provide proof you are, if Amazon requests it. 

If you can't provide documentation, Amazon may ask you to reimburse it for the benefits you received while your Prime Student account was in effect. In other words, you'll need to pay back Amazon for all those benefits, which no one wants to do. 

Who can join Amazon Prime Student in the UK?

Amazon UK has similar requirements to signing up for its Amazon Prime Student program, with a few key differences. 

As in the US, you'll need to have an account set up. You’ll also need to be 18 years or older.

Join Amazon Prime Student screen

Amazon Prime Student is also offered in the UK

Enrollment in a higher education institution geographically located in the UK or Republic of Ireland is a must. And, again, while you don't need to provide proof that you're enrolled in school at the time of sign up, you must be able to do so if Amazon asks.

Finally, you must have a valid or email address. However, there are alternative methods (opens in new tab) of signing up without such an email address.

How do I join Amazon Prime Student or Amazon Prime Student (UK)?

To join Amazon Prime Student in the US, simply head to the sign up page (opens in new tab)

Select the 'Start your 6-month trial' button. On the next page, enter your school email address and the year you expect to graduate. Amazon uses your this to determine when your Amazon Prime Student membership will end. 

An email will be sent to your .edu account for confirmation, and from there you can complete the signup process. 

Amazon Prime Student email address screen

Enter your .edu email and expected graduation year for Amazon Prime Student in the US

In the UK, the Amazon Prime Student sign up page (opens in new tab) is a bit more involved. You'll need to provide your school email address and expected graduation month and year, as well as your academic level, subject you're studying and your payment method information. 

Once completed, you'll then have to verify your academic email address. Your six-month free trial will begin once this is checked off.

Amazon Prime Student sign up screen

Just some of the questions on the Amazon Prime Student form

Current Amazon Prime members can switch over to Amazon Prime Student as well. If you want to join Prime Student, head to the sign up page (opens in new tab)

You'll need to be verified as a student first. Once this happens, you'll be refunded the difference between the regular $139 / £79 fee and the $69 / £39 Student fee. You don't need to cancel your current Prime membership to join Prime Student.

What if I don't have an .edu or email?

If you don't have a .edu,, or email address, don’t fret. There's still a way to sign up for Prime Student without one.

In the US, in order to apply for Prime Student without a .edu email, you'll need to prove you're enrolled at an eligible university or college located in one of the 50 states or Washington, D.C.

To do so, you must send documentation to (opens in new tab). But before you do so, make sure all your Amazon account payment information is up-to-date. 

In the email, include a scan, photo or screenshot of one of the following. It goes without saying these must be yours and not someone else's (sorry, roommate):

  • Student ID with the current term or an expiration date on it. A student ID number won't cut it
  • Transcript or class list for the current term showing your name and the name of your school
  • Tuition bill for the current term showing your name and the name of your school
  • Official acceptance letter for the upcoming term, which must include an enrollment date

A similar bypass is available in the UK and Republic of Ireland for those without an or email. You'll need to show you're 18 or over and that you're enrolled in at least one course at a college or university in the UK. 

You'll send one of the following via scan, photo or screenshot to (opens in new tab):

  • Valid NUS Extra or NUS Apprentice Extra card that shows your name, school and card expiration date
  • Proof of student status letter printed on official school letterhead. Must include your name and address, course details, start date and expected graduation or completion date
  • Tuition bill for the current term that must include your school's name, course details, start date and your address
  • Tuition invoice for the current term with your name and your school's name
  • Official acceptance letter for the upcoming term printed on official school letterhead. Must include your name, address, course details, enrollment date and expected graduation or completion date

If and when Amazon determines you meet the necessary requirements to join Prime Student or Amazon Prime Student, you'll receive an email within 3-5 business days with a link to finish the sign up process. 

It's important that you enroll within 14 days of receiving this follow-up email. If you don't, you'll have to start the Prime Student membership application process over again.

Though there's extra leg work involved, it's still possible to get the benefits of Amazon Prime Student without a .edu or email address.

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime Student?

Now that you know how to sign up for Amazon Prime Student, the big question is, what can you get out of it?

Amazon Prime Student is basically a full Prime membership, only at half the yearly cost. The only Prime benefit you don't get once your six-month free trial ends is the ability to share your account with anyone else. 

Animated image of textbooks, camera, headphones and gaming console

While Prime Student is only valid for a limited time (four years or until you graduate), it does let you take advantage of almost all the perks of Prime for less cash. This is crucial as your wallet is likely stretched thin already (and not just from spending money on school supplies...).

In the US, Prime Student benefits include free shipping on eligible purchases with no minimum order size, unlimited movie and TV show streaming, unlimited photo storage on Prime Photos and unlimited reading on your devices thanks to Prime Reading.

Books available on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Student also includes deals and promotions just for members, which you'll learn about through email alerts. You'll also receive early access to Amazon Lightning Deals, getting access to the best deals 30 minutes before non-members.

Depending where you live, you might also be eligible for free same-day delivery and free two-hour delivery. Forget to buy a textbook and need to cram before a big exam? Amazon Prime Student can potentially come to your rescue. 

Amazon Prime Student also offers release-date delivery, meaning if you pre-order an eligible book, movie or video game, you'll receive it on the day it hits store shelves. 

Amazon Prime Student rewards screen

Amazon Prime Student offers rewards for referrals

In the UK, Amazon Prime Student members can enjoy free one-day delivery on eligible purchases, unlimited movie and TV show streaming through Prime Video, access to Prime Music, exclusive Amazon Prime Student deals and promotions and unlimited storage in Prime Photos.

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