Hurry! These Black Friday deals will help you sleep better in 2024 - but they won't be here for long

Black Friday sleep deals
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The best Black Friday sleep deals are just the ticket if you're struggling to get a good night's rest.

Like you, I suffer from insomnia as well, and a few things trigger it, including an uncomfortable bed and a lumpy pillow. I've had more than my share of sleepless nights this year so I am determined to sleep better in 2024. 

As you know, that's easier said than done - and taking melatonin only gives me headaches in the morning. However, I've learned a few tricks that I've found to be very helpful, including following a bedtime routine that relaxes my body, calms my mind, and makes me comfortable. And that routine usually includes a good podcast or book as well as a few vital tools like a luxurious pillow, a cozy yet supportive mattress, and a weighted blanket in the chillier months.

We all deserve a good night's rest, and it's about time that you too up your pre-bedtime and bedtime routine. Luckily, with all the Black Friday deals still going strong, you can do just that. And I found the best deals on sleep-assisting devices and products to help you, from noise-cancelling earbuds to a smart heater that will have you sleeping in comfy temperatures at night.

Be sure to check out the best Black Friday mattress deals we found as well, if my pick below isn't ideal for you.

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Black Friday sleep deals: record-low prices

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows for Sleeping: $61.37  $27 at Amazon
36% plus a 20% coupon:

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows for Sleeping: was $61.37 now $27 at Amazon
36% plus a 20% coupon:
The Beckham Hotel Collection pillows are a Black Friday favorite, and Amazon has the set currently on sale for only $27 with this 36% off deal plus an additional 20% discount at checkout. Made with a down alternative, the pillows feature a cooling technology with a soft cotton cover for better sleep and are now down to an ultra-affordable price for Black Friday.

Minuendo High Fidelity Acoustic Earplugs: $159now $126.75 at AmazonRecord-low price:

Minuendo High Fidelity Acoustic Earplugs: was $159 now $126.75 at Amazon
Record-low price: Instead of those rubber earplugs, why not use this pair that has adjustable passive noise filter from -7dB to -25dB. It promotes better sleep, especially for those easily woken up by noises. It's also great for concerts, flights, and more. Right now, it's 20% for with this Black Friday sleep deal.

Omystyle Reversible Weighted Blanket: $189.99now $118.98 at Amazon
$70 off

Omystyle Reversible Weighted Blanket: was $189.99 now $118.98 at Amazon
$70 off
- Weighted blankets are known for improving your sleep - I can attest to this myself, as they work to relax your nervous system and reduce your anxiety. They're not that cheap, but this Black Friday sleep deal knocks 37% off its full price, making it an affordable purchase.

Saatva Classic mattress: $1,095$695 at Saatva
Best of the best –

Saatva Classic mattress: was $1,095 now from $695 at Saatva
Best of the best –
The Saatva Classic is our hands-down favorite mattress. The premium feel is akin to the best hotel beds, and you can customize the mattress to your sleep preferences. In our Saatva Classic mattress review we rated the mattress highly in all performance categories. This Black Friday, you can save $400 on everything over $1000, which takes the price of a queen size down to $1,595. 

Govee Smart Light Bulbs:$39.99now $26.99 at Amazon
New low price -

Govee Smart Light Bulbs: was $39.99 now $26.99 at Amazon
New low price -
How do smart light bulbs help you with sleep, you ask? Well, you can program them to slowly dim  to help lull you to sleep and slowly brighten to gently wake you up, and these smart light bulbs from Govee are just the thing. Not only are they very affordable, but they're also discounted for Black Friday.

Dreo WH719S Smart Wall-Mounted Heater: $129.99$106.59 at Dreo

Dreo WH719S Smart Wall-Mounted Heater: was $129.99 now $106.59 at Dreo
I love Dreo's wall-mounted smart heaters for two reasons - I can mount them on the wall, reducing clutter in my home, and they're incredibly responsive to voice commands via Alexa. This cheaper version of Dreo's wall-mounted smart heater is discounted for Black Friday, if you're looking to spend even less. It'll let you set the room temp anywhere from 41 to 95°F and offers a 120-degree oscillation. Naturally, all smart home features are included as well.

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