These smart bag deals will help make your Travel Tuesday holiday a breeze

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This year’s Cyber Monday deals and Black Friday deals have come and gone, but there are still some savings to be had this Travel Tuesday – including discounts on some smart luggage options for your travels.

These smart bags and suitcases don’t just help you carry everything with you on your travels; they come with nifty smart features like USB ports so you can charge your phone while on the go. Just note that to take full advantage of these bags’ USB port feature, you will need to buy your own battery bank in most cases – so check out our best power bank guide for tips.

We’ve highlighted several of the best deals right now down below, but our favorite is on the ModernistLook Smart Pro rucksack. It was $135.99 but is now $99.99 at ModernistLook’s official store. It's featured on our best smart bags page and is a solid pick-up even when it isn't discounted.

The best Travel Tuesday smart bag deals

40L Flight Approved Carry-on Backpack: $49.99  $35.98 at Amazon

40L Flight Approved Carry-on Backpack: was $49.99 now $35.98 at Amazon
This 40L backpack is approved for travel and won't just help you to carry everything with you on your travels, but it comes with a handy USB port so you can charge your phone with ease without having to dig through all your stuff for your battery pack.

ModernistLook Smart Pro: $135.99 $99.99 at ModernistLook

ModernistLook Smart Pro: was $135.99 now $99.99 at ModernistLook
This water-resistant backpack promises you lots of space, several compartments so you organize your belongings, and a USB port to help you keep your phone charged while you're traveling.

Travelpro Platinum Elite wheel luggage: $369.99$314.49 at Amazon

Travelpro Platinum Elite wheel luggage: was $369.99 now $314.49 at Amazon
This premium smart travel case has a lock to help you keep your belongings secure, external USB ports for charging, self-aligning spinner wheels, and an extendable handle so you can easily take everything with you in this carry-on suitcase. The only downside is this case has been $100 cheaper on Amazon in the past.

kopack Anti Theft Backpack: $45.99$34.39 at Amazon

kopack Anti Theft Backpack: was $45.99 now $34.39 at Amazon
This anti-theft backpack should provide you with a little bit more peace of mind when you're out and about. Not only is the design more secure than a typical backpack, this smart bag has a USB port built in so you can charge your phone without needing to open it up. 

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack: $39.96$23.99 at Amazon

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack: was $39.96 now $23.99 at Amazon
This cheaper backpack is another popular option on Amazon and it is 40% off right now. The only downside of this deal is it's been $3 cheaper in the past so you aren't saving as much as you could.

Travelpro Platinum Elite carry-on:$314.49$295.99 at Amazon

Travelpro Platinum Elite carry-on: was $314.49 now $295.99 at Amazon
This smart compact carry-on looks perfect if you're not looking to take too much with you on your next trip away. Just note that it has been as low as $160 in the past, so unless you're desperate for new luggage bags this might not be the best deal.

Some Cyber Monday deals are still live

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