Google Pixel Watch 3 could finally give us the larger model we've always craved

The Google Pixel Watch 2 on an orange background
The Google Pixel Watch 2 (above) only came out in October 2023, so a successor may still be a way off. (Image credit: Google)

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is one of the best-looking smartwatches around, but its successor could finally fix one of our main gripes with the series – a lack of larger size options.

The Pixel Watch 2 continued Google's one-size-fits-all approach to smartwatches, offering just a single 41mm version. But according to a 9to5Google source, Google is planning to launch the Pixel Watch 3 in two different sizes.

Right now, we don't know what those two sizes are going to be. The larger variants of the Pixel Watch's rivals all have slightly different sizes; for example, the largest Galaxy Watch 6 is 44mm, while the Apple Watch Series 9 offers a 45mm version alongside its 41mm model.

But whatever the final dimensions of the Pixel Watch 3's bigger variant, it seems that it won't be functionally any different from the standard model. 9to5Google says it's "not yet aware of any plans" from Google to offer any extra features on the larger version, other than a screen or a potentially bigger battery.

We also haven't yet heard any further rumors about the Pixel Watch 3, which isn't too surprising considering the Pixel Watch 2 only arrived in October 2023. But one strong possibility, based on patents, is that the next version will be going big on gesture controls. While that would be handy, we also have a few more urgent things on our wishlist.

Our Pixel Watch 3 wishlist

Google Pixel Watch 2 HANDS ON

(Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

In our guide to the world's best smartwatches, we've labeled the Pixel Watch 2 as "the best watch for style", thanks to its charming, pebble-like design and circular screen. But there are still a few tweaks we'd like to see on its successor.

First, smaller bezels and improved battery life would be top of our list, although the latter may be restricted to that rumored larger model. We'd also like to see an improved screen to see it match the 60Hz AMOLED display seen on the Galaxy Watch 6.

We've also found Google's band attachment system on both Pixel Watches to be a little fiddly, so it'd be good to see that refined next time around. And another improvement would be to make the Pixel Watch a little more rugged and hard-wearing, without compromising that lovely design.

Those rumored gesture recognition powers could help with the latter, as they could even result in a button-less design. Google's patents detail new sensors on the side of the watch, which could detect presses, taps, and squeezes.

Still, as we know, patents frequently don't see the light of day in hardware releases, and we'll have to wait until close to the Pixel Watch 3's launch (potentially later this year) for clearer details on what to expect from Google's next smartwatch.

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