Emma Sleep has lost the plot and launched its Boxing Day mattress sale already – here are the best deals

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Head to Emma mattress right now, and there's up to 55% off mattresses in the Boxing Day sale. Now, bed brands have been known to get particularly creative when naming their sales (see also: Black Friday week, which doesn't even sound weird any more), but I think this one might be taking things a step too far. It's barely December, we all know when Boxing Day is, Emma. I've only had one mince pie so far.

While I take strong exception to the name of the sale, I regret to inform you that the prices are actually pretty good, with discounts across the range. Loose grasp on the concept of time aside, this is one of the best mattress brands in the UK, and a particularly good choice if you're looking for wallet-friendly memory foam. Here's a closer look at the 'Boxing Day' bargains, and who they would suit...

Emma Original Plus mattress: £317 £253.60 at Emma Sleep

Emma Original Plus mattress: was £317 now from £253.60 at Emma Sleep
The Original is Emma's budget-friendly, all-foam mattress, and sits at the very top of the TechRadar best memory foam mattress ranking. It features three layers of foam, all of which contour comfortably around your joints, and are especially comfortable for side-sleeping. The discounted version is the 'Plus', which just means it has a nice cosy, soft cover. This model has the smallest discount, but it's also the cheapest, which is why I'm including it in my picks here. A double costs £386.40.

Who should buy it? This is the cheapest Emma mattress, so if you're on a tight budget, it's your top option. It's great for side sleepers and lightweight people, too.

Who shouldn't buy it? It's a bit too soft for back/stomach sleepers (who should check out the NextGen Premium), and it can run a bit warm so it's not great if you often overheat at night (both the NextGen Premium and, especially, the Luxe Cooling are cooler).

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Emma Luxe Cooling mattress: £929 £418 at Emma Sleep

Emma Luxe Cooling mattress: was £929 now from £418 at Emma Sleep
The Emma Luxe Cooling is geared especially towards temperature regulation, and our tester found it really delivered on this front. It's the priciest of the Emma lineup but also has the biggest discount – 55% off, bringing the price of a double down to £629.55.

Who should buy it? Hot sleepers, as well as side sleepers who prefer a mattress with springs. 

Who shouldn't buy it? If you prefer a firmer mattress, the NextGen Premium is a better pick. And if you don't run hot, you might not need to shell out for this model, as you could get away with the Original.

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Emma NextGen Premium mattress: £669 £334.50 at Emma Sleep

Emma NextGen Premium mattress: was £669 now from £334.50 at Emma Sleep
The NextGen Premium sits in the middle of the Emma range in terms of price, and has the firmest feel. It's not specifically designed for cooling, but there are tall pocket springs that make it far more breathable than the all-foam Original. The Boxing Day Emma sale knocks 50% off, taking a double down to £479.50.

Who should buy it? Back or stomach sleepers, anyone who prefers a firmer mattress feel.

Who shouldn't buy it? Lightweight side sleepers will probably find it a bit too firm. Both the other two mattresses in this range are softer.

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How good are these Emma deals?

Emma mattress sales run pretty much year-round, and you can usually pick up either the regular version or Plus version of each model for well under half price. I've seen these particular offers a few times before, this year, but they're rarely bettered. You'll get a 200-night trial period to test it out thoroughly, and a 10-year warranty.

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